Not your traditional beer hall, we're the newest entertainment eatery, blending two concepts under one roof: the public house and live music venue. Embracing all things food, drink, and music related, we're not just about the beer - we want to provide something for everyone, whether it's our wine on tap for the ladies, or VIP bottle service for your next party.
From world-renowned DJs to up-and-coming local rock bands, our live music program has no boundaries - we cater to you. Experiencing your favorite artist up-close-and-personal is practically at your fingertips with our intimate live stage setting; feel like you are a part of the music with our state of the art sound system, every Thursday.
Eating is a part of everyday life, so dine the way you want to, and we'll provide the rest - good food, great service, and familiar faces - a community hub, with no strings attached. We're here not to surprise, but to embrace, so it only seems natural to incorporate us into your daily routine to make it that much better. Welcome to your new normal.